Ex libris is a Latin phrase that literally translates to "from among the books of". An ex libris is a stamp or bookplate applied to the interior of books and print publications to show who they belong to.

From among your books, you emerge.

No e-reader can replace the smell of paper or the feeling of the page. Books are treasures that not only enrich your mind, but also your life.

Your books offer an emotional and intellectual portrait of your personality: they speak to your anxieties and passions, your doubts and certainties, your way of being and of seeing the world.

Your books define you. The only thing missing from their pages is your name.

From among your books, emerges TUUS.

Just like your books, ex libris sketch a portrait of us: they speak to a passion for design, typography, and craftsmanship.

Our ex libris define us. The only thing missing is their reason for being, a book and a name.

TUUS is the project of graphic designer Cecilia Martinez who, in 2020, decided to convert half of her studio into a store. But not in a simple stamp store, but in a place that, fueled by her passion for design and love for books, she could materialise her ideas but also yours. A space to express yourself creatively and help you make that special gift - or self-gift - come true.

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