Are you thinking on giving TUUS this Christmas? Read this.

TUUS was born during the pandemic. A moment in which many of us were forced to stop. But it was also, for some, an opportunity for new adventures.

TUUS wasn’t created as a stamp shop, but as a place that, fueled by the passion for design and love for books, could materialise our ideas but also yours. A space where we can express ourselves creatively and help you make that special gift -or self-gift- come true.

TUUS is made up of a very small team. It’s a project of two, Cecilia and Pablo. One, the one you see in the picture and the other, always behind the eye of the camera.

This Christmas we are forced to stop again, but this time for another project: to take care of a baby.

If you are thinking of giving away TUUS this holiday season, you have until November 15th to place your order. Don't leave it to the last minute, you never know when it comes to babies.

Don't say we didn't warn you ;)